Introducing iTrip Orlando

Premier Clean

A leader in the industry, iTrip Vacations - Orlando had provided quality vacation homes and memorable guest stays for over 10 years. Our guests can count on being welcomed into a professionally cleaned and cared for home so all they have to do is relax and enjoy!

In addition to our regular high cleaning standards, iTrip Vacations - Orlando now introduces our 'Premier Clean'.

Driven by CDC recommendations and newly created guidelines from the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, our vacation rental cleaning will continue to meet or exceed expectations.

The cleaning teams are continually coached on proper product usage, cleaning of both hard and soft surfaces in a home and 'dwell time' - the time it takes a cleaning product to eradicate germs on a surface.

Written training documentation has been presented to all teams and their acknowledgements received that we will continue to ensure the best quality clean and environment for all guests, homeowners and their staff.

'Premier Clean' procedures include extended cleaning time in a property and the use of CDC approved cleaning chemicals and tools.

Read on to see how the newly added procedures will benefit each guest, homeowner and our teams.

Team Member Safety and Protection

All team members are required to have and wear the following PPE (personal protective equipment) during a home cleaning, visiting a home for other purposes or maintenance visits: Gloves, Face Masks, Protective Shoe Coverings (optional)

The homes are generally cleaned by one team member. Should a home require two or more team members to be present, those team members are to be at a distance of no less than 6 feet apart.

If a team member should show any possible signs of illness, state they are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with COVID -19, they will be asked to go home. If necessary, the team member will self-quarantine for a period of 14 days or more as needed.

Generally, non-emergency maintenance requests are performed after a guest check out. This is to not inconvenience a guest or interrupt their vacation time.

For emergency maintenance visits or outside vendor calls (air conditioning, etc.), any vendor that visits a home must wear the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). The vendor is to maintain a distance of 6 feet from any persons and we ask that no one gets closer to the vendor than 6 feet.

Guests may also want to leave the home while the emergency vendor visit takes place to ensure no person to person contact occurs.

Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing a Home

Upon arrival the start of a clean, the home is 'aired out', opening windows during cleaning to allow proper ventilation. All windows and doors will be properly closed and locked prior to departing the home.

All property linens and towels are washed 'in house', meaning in the same home the items belong to. Linens and towels are only removed from the home and laundered elsewhere in emergency situations.

All items are washed and dried on the highest temperatures. Frequent hand washing and/or glove changes take place when working with the laundry in a home.

Beds are freshly made, freshly washed towels and fresh towel displays are provided at each cleaning.

During each cleaning of a home, all hard surfaces, soft surfaces and 'touch point areas' (door locks, light switches, door handles, cabinet handles, remotes and so on), are treated with CDC approved and EPA approved products.

iTrip Vacations represents Quality, Cleanliness & Care

Previous and on-going guest Care consists of ensuring a Quality experience from booking through the end of your stay.

Personal attention to your booking needs and Cleanliness of your rental are of the utmost importance to our entire team.

Many vacation rental companies have found the COVID - 19 events have pushed them into creating cleaning standards that were previously non-existent. iTrip Vacations Orlando has taken this opportunity to upgrade our already high cleaning standards with continued education to the team and the availability of CDC and EPA approved products for use.

iTrip Vacations Orlando requests, requires and continually demands Quality, Cleanliness & Care of our vacation rentals. This practice has maintained for over 10 years and will continue into the future.

Below is a brief overview of iTrip Vacations - Orlando 'Premier' Clean processes:

iTrip Vacations 'Premier Clean' Housekeeping Processes

The new housekeeping processes include a six-step guide paired with room-specific checklists, which include dusting, cleaning and disinfecting. In addition, cleaning companies and property managers will focus on key touch-point objects, including switches, remote controls, phones, tables, HVAC controls, handles and other areas.

Here's an overview of what the processes entail and common terms*:

  • Cleaning: Removal of visible soil from objects and surfaces. Cleaning is essential before high-level disinfection can take place.

  • Disinfection: Works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces risk of spreading infection.

  • Dwell Time: The amount of time a surface must remain wet and undisturbed to effectively clean and disinfect.

  • Treatment of Contact Surfaces: Surfaces frequently touched by guests. Common surfaces include: TV screens, remote controls, door knobs, cabinet handles, coffee tables, light switches, end tables, counter-tops, refrigerator doors, etc.

  • Stay Current: iTrip Vacations is monitoring the situation 24/7 and will adjust procedures as needed.

Special Guidelines

In addition, iTrip Vacations created separate guidelines for deep cleans, viral contamination cleaning and pest containment. All of these updated processes will better protect guests, property owners, cleaning and maintenance staff, and property managers. Each property is also professionally inspected to ensure guidelines have been met.

*These guidelines are not all inclusive and representative of the minimum work to be done in a home. Additional cleaning and/or maintenance work is done as needed to ensure a rental ready home for each guest.

In a time where 'vacation' means so much more, we appreciate your trust in our brand - iTrip Vacations Orlando.

Thank you.